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April Classes

April 6, 2010    Budgets for Small Water Utilities:
The budget is an important financial tool needed to successfully operate a small public water system. Does your income cover your operating expenses? Do you have O&M reserves? Do you have emergency reserves? And what about capital improvement reserves to replace your aging infrastructure? It’s imperative for water systems to develop a realistic and comprehensive budget prior to setting rates. This workshop will assist you in understanding how to develop and use a comprehensive budget and the importance of funding reserve accounts. We’ll show you how this tool relates to other financial documents and the importance of customer policies to support the budget.
April 7, 2010    Water Conservation:
As competition for existing water resources increases, utilities are focusing more and more on water conservation as a long term supply option. Water losses in a distribution systems result in increased energy and operational costs, and lost revenues. Learn about the benefits of water conservation, and how to develop a workable water conservation plan for your small water system.