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March Classes

March 9, 2010    Capital Improvement Plans & Asset Management:
This module presents the concept of Capital Improvement Plans (CIP) as an integral part of the budget. This workshop will assist board members in realizing the importance of annual budgeting for the long-term funding of replacement of large ticket items for their water system.
March 10, 2010    Pumps & Motors Efficiency:
Did you know that the higher cost of a premium efficiency motor is usually paid back within the first year or two – and can save thousands of dollars in power costs over its lifetime? This workshop explains how to choose the highest efficiency pumps and motors for your water pumping applications. Topics will include:

            • What to look for in premium efficiency motors and how to calculate energy savings

            • The vital information contained on a motor’s nameplate – and why it’s important

            • Six factors that cause friction losses and how to minimize them

            • How to read and interpret a pump curve

            • How BEPs (Best Efficiency Points) vary from one pump manufacturer to another