Mariana Ranchos County Water District

The District’s existing water system serves an area of approximately seven square miles and an estimated population of 1,782 people. The source of water supply is ground water from two existing wells located within the District’s present service area. The 18.80 miles of distribution piping include some of the following:

· 3.79 miles (20,035 feet) of transite water piping ranging in size from 4” to 6” diameter;

· 5.93 miles (31,290 feet) C900 PVC piping ranging in size from 8” to 12” diameter;

· 10.42 miles (55,018 feet) of steel piping ranging in size from 4” to 12” diameter (most of this pipe is surplus WWII uncoated steel pipe that was being installed throughout the 1960's as the District grew in size and number of connections;

· Two wells with a total pumping capacity of 800 gpm (1.34 MGD, million gallons/day);

· Two booster stations;

· Three storage reservoirs with a total storage capacity of 900,000 gallons.

The existing water system is operating with two primary and one sub-pressure pressure zones. The sub-pressure zone is operated by one small hydro-pneumatic tank with a booster pump controlled with a Variable Frequency Drive located on Alegre Vista.


Ground water is the primary source of existing water supply and will probably remain the major source for the immediate future. Surface and imported waters are not currently being used. Ground water is drawn primarily from the Upper Mojave Groundwater Basin, which extends from the San Bernardino Mountains to the Helendale/Silver Lakes area. Runoff from the non-water bearing portions of the San Bernardino Mountains accounts for the majority of the basin recharge. The existing wells supply water directly to the distribution system and storage tanks.