August Classes

May 4, 2010 Financial Management for Small Water Utilities:

Are you interested in unlocking the mysteries of your water system’s financial statements? Do you want to improve your water system’s financial health? This workshop is designed to improve your knowledge of the basic financial statements to be reviewed at each board meeting; the purpose of these statements and their interrelation to your budget; and how to use financial statements to assure the continued financial viability of your water system to provide safe, reliable drinking water to your customers. We will also be discussing the tools that can improve your financial health, such as budgeting, reserves and customer policies.

May 5, 2010 Water Audits:

Are you controlling water losses in your water system? Learn how a water audit can identify where water losses are coming from in your water system, why water meters are a critical tool for water conservation, and how to find existing leaks to control water losses.